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Vision and Mission

  • Mission:

The goal of DTN is to serving for Afghan people through the provision of Islamic, social, political (including neutral) cultural, economic, educational, recreational, punitive, health education, news and update of the day, historical, music programs, Afghan, Hollywood and Bollywood production serials and films, which are in accordance with Islamic principles and the regulation of mass media, and all play a positive role to bringing the general public's minds amongst people of Afghanistan.

  • Vision:

We, in DRTN, firmly believe that we have created a winning formula with our multimedia Network of Television, Radio and Weekly newspaper presence to go the distance and then some. With the capacity to become the leading information source in Afghanistan, both for our National and International audiences, for todays generation and generations to come. We provide real substance and quality content to people, fulfilling a need of high standard and excellence in the Radio and Television industry that has been practically non-existent in Afghanistan, making a difference in the lives of individuals, families and communities.