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We are very proud to be one of the high ranked officials of the Danish Radio and Television, the institution which is increasingly recognized as one of the Afghanistan’s finest media institution. We are thankful of those efforts which are been done for the improvement of the organization and from factor which assisted us to gain a better position; the contributions o talented and dedicated individuals; the energy, enthusiasm and ventiveness of our dean, supporters and especially the audiences; the dedication and support of excellent staff; the passion of our team to make a difference in the country; and he support and active engagement of our partners and supporters from all walks of life and sectors of society.


Danish Radio and TV respects and supports a diverse community, which could be shown in its programs as well and is committed to develop it in an advanced range. It is big enough to have a social-based presence and impact, that audience could be able to develop a strong sense of community and lifelong communication and awareness in the society. We invite you to explore what Danish Radio and Television has to offer you through our Radio and TV which will grant you to discover about mindset, impact, cosmopolitanism, awareness and accomplishment. We believe you’ll be impressed by what this Radio and TV has achieved so far and as confident as I am about it’s potential to accomplish great things in the future.


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CEO | Danish Radio and Television Network

The mass media, including Publishing, Radio and TV channels, plays an important and valuable role in the generalization of the society knowledge, and in every condition they fulfill very significant tasks to provide valuable knowledge and awareness for public. In the current and inconsequential condition of our country, it is required that all media, in accordance with the laws of the sacred religion of Islam, and in compliance with the laws of the country together work to achieve their mission that is to make the nation of Afghanistan a caravan of advancement and I am sure that Afghanistan media can reach to that hopefully! Danish Radio and Television Network team, which is an entertainment and academic media in all over the Afghanistan wants to do its best to provide the interesting and attractive programs and shows to their viewers and listeners. Danish Radio and Television Network team are committed to serving our people and our homeland honestly, they do not hesitate to try and endeavor to expand the activities and programs of the Danish FM and TV channel throughout the Afghanistan.

We are committed to honest service for our honorable people, and in order to make our programs and shows as good as possible, we need your persuasion and cooperation.

With the love and support of our audiences in Afghanistan we are confident that Danish Media Group will continue to provide different and interesting programs for years ahead.

Dr.Najib Danish

CEO/President | Danish Radio and Television Network

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Our Mission


The goal of Danish Television Network is to serving for Afghan people through the provision of Islamic, social, political (including neutral) cultural, economic, educational, recreational, punitive, health education, news and update of the day, historical, music programs, Afghan, Hollywood and Bollywood production serials and films, which are in accordance with Islamic principles and the regulation of mass media, and all play a positive role to bringing the general public's minds amongst people of Afghanistan.


Following are the guiding principles of DANISH TV

1.            Pro-cultural diversity: DANISH TV will respect the cultural differences and design and implementedradio programs to promote social harmony and peace among the population.

2.            Promotion of gender and social equity: DANISH TV will design and implement programs which willultimately promote the good relationship between men and women, poor and rich and always try to uplift the backward section of the society through special programs.

3.            Promotion of local sustainable development and environment: DANISH TV will always in favor ofsustainable development and environmental protection. To keep this value the DANISH TV will never conduct programs that are against sustainable development. Similarly the DANISH TV will design and implement to promote good social and physical environment.

4.            Promotion of culture of peace: DANISH TV will always promote the culture of peace by designingand airing programs which can contribute to promote peace in the society.

5.            Proactive to change: DANISH TV will introduce new concepts, technologies, approaches, knowledgeand skills which can help local population to transform the society.


6.            Peoples right of information: DANISH TV believes that “information” is one of the fundamentalrights of people. With this clear stand the DANISH TV will design and impart information which are important for the population.



We, at Danish Media Group, firmly believe that we have created a winning formula with our multimedia Network of


Television, Radio and Weekly newspaper presence to go the distance and then some. With the capacity to become


the leading information source in Afghanistan, both for our National and International audiences, for today’s generation


and generations to come. We provide real substance and quality content to people, fulfilling a need of high standard


and excellence in the Radio and Television industry that has been practically non-existent in Afghanistan, making a


difference in the life of individuals, families and communities. One of our goals is to spread our vision throughout


Central and South Asia, through cultural exchange. With our future plans to increase investment in programs


production. We envision our future with these resources and needs combined with a solutions and results’ oriented


staff that aims and targets all Afghans communities, in all provinces.


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 DANISH RADIO - TV Marketing


Danish Radio and Television Network is ready to cover all the programs and events organized by the clients or potential clients. The coverage includes promoting, recording, and airing of the event. Marketing Department has created a competitive separation policy to make sure that all clients has benefited and received exclusive coverage of their products and services. Our efforts are intended that every customer get the appropriate positions in mid break of the programs. However the placement of the commercial will be based on the decided and agreed by Danish Radio and Television Network.



Scroll Squzz is a unique and clutter free system for Marketing of product and services, the advertiser commercial is placed while the program is running. The advantage of the scroll squzz is that the commercial is played without way of Market penetration advertisement mean.


Danish Radio and Television Network has wide range of

Program Mix, Produced by its professional team; it could be a Drama, Infotainment, Current Affairs, Comedy, Religious, Youth and Women Programs.


Special Programs covers all programming catering directly to the brand needs. It also covers programs on occasional days and special events as Eid, Independence Day i.e.. These programs are mostly one-off programs and provide special content. Such programs are open for branding and other special packages.


It is the common segments of all the marketing opportunities, the clients may place their commercials between the programs or during the programs in order to reach their customers and potential customers. The rates of the commercials are decided based on the market conditions of Afghanistan with the aim of flourishing the newly established Market. The commercial airtime is offered under periodic deals and spot advertising. The special offers are given on special occasions and events.



Danish Radio and Television Network offers program branding to the clients want to be associated with the programs, this will ensure high audience coverage by providing exclusive right to the client. The program branding are available on existing programs or the client may provide self-produced programs to be aired on Danish TV/Radio.




We are a professional, committed and experienced team of experts in different sections with nation and international expatriates holding major responsibilities including technical, Production, Graphic Design, Program development, marketing, sales, finance and administration.

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