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Scientific Seminar was held with the Professors of Danish Private Higher Education

The Department of Coordination of University Affairs organized a joint meeting under the name scientific co operation with professors; review of achievements, challenges and solutions

The meeting was aimed at reviewing scientific and research achievements and providing a scientific and practical solution to the implementation of its scientific and educational programs. A number of faculty members from the Faculty of Medicine, Economics, Law, and Political Science attended the meeting

Awrang Azarakhsh, the scientific and supervisor of the Danish University , has spoken on behalf of the faculty on the goals and achievements of the institution since its inception, adding that the Danish university is a scientific-educational institution that has always tried to provide services Better in the field of science and knowledge, to do its best to do its best, and in this sensitive period, ignorance and ignorance, all the parts of the material and spiritual life of our people drown in our hearts; for the sake of enlightenment And tries the public mind

Dr. Mohammad Najib Danesh, founder and general director of Nahad Danesh added that the officials, professors and practitioners of this institute are among our noble and devout people who are not in any way to expand the activities and services of this institution. We do not hesitate to try and do our best, and we will earnestly reciprocate your love and make sure we serve our people and our homeland

We are committed to honest duty and free of any discrimination and prejudice, and in order to do our best, we need to persuade and work with you, so that we can accept and help ALLAH the steps Take effective and high-level science

At the end of this scientific consensus, thanks to the appreciation of the professors of this university, the Department of Integration of the Faculty, the Nobel Prize and Thanksgiving Awards were awarded

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